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Tuesday, June 22, 2004
i really have no reason to come here today and post something just so that all of you people who keep dropping in just to see if these damned rats are still here can finally breathe and say...
yah, maybe that is a bit of a stretch with the self-assumed praise. gimme a break, the id and ego and alter ego all get carried away from time to time, and i cannot help it.

i recently feh-cked up and broke a very good friend's laptop. he had asked me to find a good deal on a replacement LCD display for the one that had a short. i found one for about 3 hundred bucks less than everyone else wanted for it and he bought it. when it came by 2 day delivery, he was happy -- but he had to go to work. i was at his house so i could watch the adult movies i had programmed his new tivo to record without his permission, but then he is used to me doing things like that without regard to his feelings -- i think.

so anyway the last thing he said to me as he stepped out his front door was ... "don't put that LCD on for me, i'd like to try to do it myself." well, before he had said that to me, i had already started mapping out in my head where the tools were and had selected the surface on which i would get to fix something electronic. i love working and taking things apart. its fun.

well i broke it. broke it fubar broke it. the thing is i didn't start working on it until the next day because i got involved in the previously mentioned recorded programming. so he comes home, and i have the thing in about fifty pieces. when i was attempting to push a molex cable (like the end with the plastic head on the end of the wires) through a hole that was seemingly smaller than the cable head itself, i broke a wire. it ripped out of the connector end of the cable. right after that he comes back in the door. so i try to boot the computer. [it chimes the way a mac does] ... dead black screen. mocking me. he sighed. he ran his fingers through the hair on top of his head. he said... well, that isn't good at all. and he left the room. i solder the wire back and this time when i boot the computer it chimes. the screen lights up. but no picture displays. so he calls it as a time of death thing. (DOE / dead on examination) and he says nothing more.

so ... this past weekend when we were out running around town, i paid for part of the new laptop he has. he seems happy. the amazing thing is ... he never once said anything about it being my fault.
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