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Monday, March 17, 2003

Happy St Patricks Day!

So Tell Me |

Sunday, March 16, 2003
She stepped out of the shower aroused. Dripping water as she walks out into the hallway, she pauses looking at him reading his book, studying every masculine curve of his body. Sensing her intensity he lowers his book, smiles & winks at her before returning to the pages. She continues on to their bedroom getting comfortable on the bed knowing he'll soon follow. Minutes pass, with eyes closed, she caresses her body anticipating her lovers touch.

Images of their passionate love making run through her mind as her arousal increases. How his lips feel on her skin, kissing softly, heightening her pleasure as his mouth explores her body. Her tongue smoothes over her lips moistening them, while her hands move over her body. Massaging & teasing her nipples she slightly spreads her thighs, slowly sliding her fingers through her wetness and begins making slow circular motions around her clitoris. As her motions intensify her need, she feels herself building to an orgasm & begins rubbing vigorously & alternating her attention from side to side & directly over her swollen wet nub. With her hips raised lightly, her stomach muscles tighten as does the walls of her vagina. Running her fingers up her body bringing them to her lips she tastes her desire.

Not yet having caught her breath, she's wondering why he hasn't joined her yet. Lifting her head, she slowly opens her eyes to find him standing in the doorway watching. Without a word he moves to the edge of the bed, raising her up onto her knees and kisses her now sticky lips while she works her hands down his body removing his boxers. He pulls her against him and kisses her hungrily as they fall together back onto the bed.
So Tell Me |

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