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Thursday, February 20, 2003
Adventures in Produce

Almost six years ago I was caught up in the whole chatting experience online, as was my best friend of over 20 years. We both wound up having online boyfriends. A couple months passed by and we both had plans of meeting these guys. She was going to fly to Texas to spend time with her guy and my guy was flying up to spend a long weekend with me.

Prior to travel time, my friend and I decided through joking around online about sending them both erotic pictures of ourselves. Since we had been friends for so long it didn't seem uncomfortable to photograph each other for the purpose of sending the pics to our guys. However, there were some comical moments along the way, not to mention a few pictures that made us laugh hysterically and were definitely not going to be seen by anyone!

Having given some thought to what we wanted to do for the photo sessions, we headed off to the store to pick up Polaroid film & cucumbers.

Talk about a good laugh. You know how people watch other people. How checkers must discuss the odd combinations of items people purchase. There we were standing in line with our film & cucumbers on the conveyer, each cucumber was in a separate produce bag, which only seemed appropriate since we wouldn't want them to touch?! Yet we were not paying separately.

Things that make checkers go, "Hmmmmm."

A bit of advice for anyone venturing into the realm of produce masturbation: Curving cukes are ok, but be positive their skin has no "scars."

The pictures? She destroyed all of hers after breaking up with the guy the next week. I never did send mine, yet I haven't destroyed them. Just decided I didn't want them ending up on the Internet!

OOPS I forgot to give you a a couple links: For your own "Produce Adventures."

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**Cucumber Delight

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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Brisbane 2003
Feb 27 - Mar 2
Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

This is the epitome of what my dreams have been! I've always wanted to visit Australia, and what a great time to go, catch a SEXPO! What's SEXPO? Click the link and explore! There are exhibitions, live shows & even your own chance to dance in the limelight. Doesn't this sound like a blast??

"The Amateur Strip Tease competition is all about fun and as a result it is not necessary for you to remove all your clothing. In fact we do not allow participants to remove their shorts / knickers."

What are teenagers up to these days?

I had a hankering for a DQ (Dairy Queen) Blizzard last night, so off I went to get me one. Yum. While I was waiting the kids working there were goofing around. One of the gals was chatting it up with me when some friends pulled up outside. Several car loads of friends. One of the gals went out to greet her friends since it wasn't busy. She came back in to tell me and the other gal what they had been up to most of the evening. Playing a headliner game.

They proceed to explain to me about the game. While out cruising around when approached by a car with only one headlight they all scream and slap one of their hands on the headliner. The last one to slap has to remove an article of clothing. This evening, one of the boys had enlisted several of his friends to tamper with their headlights and drive by his car with everyone knowing except his girlfriend what was going on. The plan was to get his girlfriend naked via this game of headliner.

They were all out in the parking lot readjusting their headlights to work again & laughing it up. Too funny, what scammers!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I got a Chocolate Cherry Love Blizzard! Yum!
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