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Monday, January 20, 2003
Giving Head

Fellatio - Pronunciation: f&-'lA-shE-"O
Date: circa 1893
Meaning: oral stimulation of the penis, literally, to suck.

The majority of men enjoy having their penis sucked! I cannot say ALL men, because I've actually had long conversations with a few men that do NOT. That however, isn't the issue. Everyone readily agrees: "Men like getting head". It's the issue if in fact women enjoy giving it! Who hasn't heard this one: "Hey, know why the Bride has such a huge smile on her face? -- Because she knows she's given her last blow-job!". Blow-job, heh, who came up with that anyhow? Not much blowing involved. Anyhow.....

Not only do I enjoy giving head, if I had the opportunity to hook up with a guy I was really hot for, and he presented me the choice of ONLY intercourse or ONLY giving him head --- Not that I could foresee ever being given such a choice, but I wouldn't hesitate, I'd give him head!

I've had several women tell me they also enjoy giving head, and several that don't. One actually makes bets with her husband and the loser performs oral sex. Of course she's not very happy when she's on the losing end of the bet. The idea kinds seems like a win/win situation to me.

I once dated a man that actually got angry with me for always wanting to give him head every time we were alone! Talk about shocked! Earlier in our relationship he was quite proud of it, and bragged to his friends and co-workers. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! It's not like that was the only thing we did, it always led to intercourse, 69 whatever. What was his problem eh??

I'm curious how many ladies reading this actually enjoy giving head? or would never do it again if they didn't feel they had to?

Any guys reading that don't enjoy getting head?

WoW, I really enjoyed reading this - Fellatio Techniques! It has some nice pics too!
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