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Saturday, November 30, 2002
Minty Fresh?
Bad breath can bring a quick end to getting "close". Kissing someone with bad breath is just gross. Everyone knows certain foods to avoid if you plan on getting into some heavy kissing afterwards. Of course breath mints, brushing teeth and mouthwash can take care of it, but they aren't always available, and some foods just linger for awhile regardless. Quizno's subs. They are delicious! However, the yummie sauces they use on them certainly linger after the sandwhich is long gone.

This reminds me of the time I was dating this guy named Matt. I was seventeen, he was nineteen. Ooooh an older man! He had braces and loved peanut butter sandwiches, need I say more? Yuck. Whenever we'd go out he was all brushed and fresh, but the one time he invited me to his house, he had a sandwich just before I arrived. What a nasty hello kiss.

Brush, Floss and Kiss alot!
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