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Wednesday, November 20, 2002
Flash Boyfriend

Well dern... my game with Flash boyfriend is over.... He said he's in love with me. The End. Blah. Crappy ending!!!

Okay, you may have heard of this web based dating game, or not, but I've been dating Max for 1179 hours! (I didn't keep track, he did!) Anyhow, I meet up with him for another virtual date to find he's rented out an entire expensive restaurant for the evening. He says, "I've been wanting to talk with you... " Brings up past virtual dates, you know the good times we've had together. It comes down to him trying to sputter something, "I think we... I think we should... well, I er uhm... " We What?? I'm given choices to help him out, of course marriage is an option. The other options wouldn't be appropriate. He freaks at that, but goes on to stammer, "It's just that, well, err uhmm.. I.... I...... I..... I LOVE YOU! I think we should go away together" I'm given choices, I pick "I love you too, let's do it!" Now this is all good and fine, and I wonder "what will the next virtual date be, where will go off together?"
Well done, you've got your man! Max is head-over-heels in love with you. He’s constantly going on about you - how cool you are, your smile, the funny things that you say, and just how completely and utterly amazing you are. Don’t tell anyone, but we’re a bit jealous of you. *Sigh*
That’s it for this game. However, you could’ve taken a very different path through the game, so why not play again? Who knows what could happen this time...

What? Play again? No way, there isn't gonna be any hanky panky, just I love you and bye! Nope, no more Flash Boyfriends for me!
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Tuesday, November 19, 2002
Yep - It's me! Blogging! It's been awhile, whew! I simply just HAD to take a break from blogging and from the whole online experience. I was in a bad place, at the bottom of my "bad place". If you can swallow that, don't chew, just swallow. Now why does that little comment make me think of "Chunky Spunk" Eww! I really miss not having HBO and watching "Sex in the City", really get a kick outta that show.
Anyhow, not much on the sexual horizon today (that I care to share at the moment) but I decided to see what I'd find randomly searching "hot and juicy". There were quite a few porn sites that came up, but I was hoping for something unusual, interesting, something "different". Guess what? My search resulted in finding a great blog! One I enjoyed ALOT. I've added it to my blogroll. Hot Wet Juicy Bla Bla

Until Next Time, Remember to stay lubricated or THIS could happen to YOU!

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