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Saturday, October 19, 2002
Sims Seduction
My Son/Partner gave me "The Sims" for my birthday. I've found it to be rather amusing. I've built up quite a big neighborhood with several different families. With the cheat codes, I've been able to build really big cool houses. The thing that surprised me is that even once a Sim gets married, they can/can be seduced by other Sims. In my neighborhood I've got one Single Dad, Mortimer Goth -the guy with the grave in his yard! I've enhanced the house that existed, married off his wife to another Sim, She was home all day alone with neighbors dropping in to visit. He's become the neighborhood dawg.
This guy is sleeping with every women in the neighborhood, except for Grandma! It's amusing because Mort existed within the game to begin with, "old fashioned" it said, married w/child. At first when anyone would compliment him, or flirt with him he got turned off and pissed off with them, except his ex-wife. Now he's bedding down every woman that crosses his path including his ex-wife.
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Monday, October 14, 2002
Fun Naughty Site

Dick's House
Click on the different images to check it out, there are some funny games if you click on the toychest!! Enjoy!!

Thanks for linking me "Miss Innocent"

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