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Tuesday, October 08, 2002
It's NOT Pee
Female Ejaculation, have you or someone you've been intimate with experienced such an orgasm? While I honestly can't recall my first ejaculation, I certainly can tell you I've enjoyed many since then. How wonderful it is to enjoy sex with two times the orgasmic power!?! Clitoral/Vaginal and Ejaculation!
While all women have a G-spot, it has been estimated between 10% and 40% of women are capable of ejaculation. The G-spot need not be stimulated for ejaculation to occur, but most women say that their first ejaculation experience came from massaging their G-spot. The response varies from a light sprinkle to a huge gush. I have experienced women who gushed huge amounts of fluid 10 feet out
Source: Dave, Copyright © 1998, Liberated Christians, Inc.

Anything I could tell you wouldn't be as detailed, nor explain as well as the site I discovered:
G-Spot & Ejaculation

If you'd rather see some rather graphic images of "squirting" along with the same information, go here:

Krystal Waters
Here you'll see a sneak peak of what Krystal, Doc & their friends make available for your viewing pleasure.

What's your take on female ejaculation (aka: squirting)?
Sorta adds another degree to "Wet & Wild" huh?
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Sunday, October 06, 2002

Just out of curiosity, does anybody enjoy reading this site?? I rarely get any feedback - figure if nobody is reading it I'll just focus on something else. :)

UPDATE Okie Dokie - I've gone thru all the links and fixed and/or updated the ones that required doing so. Thanks for letting me know Bill!
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