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Saturday, September 14, 2002
Sexy Saturday
"Is it ok to make-out with someone whom you've just met a week before? Yes/No..and explain you're answer!"

Yeppers! If the chemisty is there a little make-out session would be alright. Of course it would depend on how much time I spent with them, and if I liked the person.

UPDATEApparently the gal hosting "Sexy Saturday" hasn't been around, no new question since 9/14. Perhaps in the future I'll pick it up myself, if anyone is interested? We'll see.
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Fish Fetish?

I think I must have missed this episode!

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Friday, September 13, 2002
Who Doesn't Enjoy a BlowJob?
Believe it or not, I have come across a couple guys who don't like to receive blowjobs. Both of them sited their reason as this: "It's demeaning to women." Being an avid fan of giving blowjobs, I argued this reasoning with them, for I don't find it demeaning in the slightest. They honestly admitted they were unable to orgasm while receiving head, because they felt bad for the lady performing the oral stimulation. I was successful with one of these gents, in persuading him to talk it over with his sexual partner. Because, if in fact, they enjoy giving head as much as I do -- then perhaps discussing it would enable him to enjoy being pleasured orally. Not to mention the person performing the stimulation would be relieved, since he never climaxed, it wasn't their skill that was lacking. Of course, if it turned out neither of them were comfortable with blowjobs, then they could enjoy sex without the "blowjob tension" rearing it's 'ugly' head.
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It's Happy Doodle Time!
Nude Doodle Pad

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Wednesday, September 11, 2002
In Rememberance 9/11

May the best of our past, be the worst of our future - God Bless the Universe

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Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Erotic Food
Our senses heighten our pleasure; sight, sound, smell, touch, & taste. It's my opinion, and I doubt I'm alone, that many types of food can be erotic. It's a necessity of our existence, nourishment through eating different types of foods. Everyone is familiar with the satisfaction of eating something delicious, savoring the flavors. So it's not all that surprising that many people experiment with food during intimacy or at the very least involve it before, during and/or after intimacy. Usually, outside of having a meal, sweet things seem to be the choice most often for the purpose of sensuality. Strawberries & champagne, whipped topping, chocolate, honey, most any type of fruit, just to name a few things.
Taking turns feeding one another, or the ever popular blindfolding and giving bites of various types of food can be a sensuous experience. Only touch involved is the slight contact of lips, and/or fingers. If the one giving the bites uses their mouth to hold the food, for instance, a strawberry, their can be tantalizing little kisses exchanged. Of course if giving the samples using hands, both can be tantalized by the sensation of little licking and/or sucking of the fingers.
Involving food in such a way, may not be something everyone will enjoy. However, I would recommend giving it a try sometime. You may be pleasantly surprised.
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Monday, September 09, 2002
Memorable Kiss
I'm sure we've all had our share of memorable kisses. Some because they were pretty awful & humorous, and some because they were so sensuous, tender, genuine and even sweet. Once such memory plays in mind from time to time. I had been 'virtual dating' a guy online for several months. We spoke often on the phone, exchanged letters & pictures via the US mail, and decided mutually we wanted to meet in person. Mr. Arizona & I were quite intrigued with each other sexually. We also shared an emotional connection as well, although, I was head over heels in love with him, he was honest in that he was not IN love with me. Regardless of his honesty, I decided I still wanted to spend time with him. He made his travel arrangements and I prepared for his arrival day.
Admittedly so, I went all out. There were several things I had wanted to do with my apartment, but had put off for too long. Having Mr. Arizona coming boosted me into high gear. I wanted everything to be "just so" before he arrived. Having a limited amount of time to accomplish my goals, I enlisted the help of my best friend Kris, to assist me. I had lived in this apartment for nearly 10 years, and the management wasn't too keen on repairs & such. We cleaned the place from top to bottom, made some minor repairs to closet doors and cabinets. Shampooed carpets, waxed floors, washed walls & light fixtures. The two of us went shopping for curtains & new bedding. We even hung up wallpaper in my kitchen!! My apartment never looked better, cozy and inviting.
I had gotten my hair cut and picked out the dress I was going to wear to the airport to pick him up. I couldn't sleep the night before he was to arrive. I was too excited. Since I was going to be picking him up, I decided to wash my truck.
Arrival day was here! I showered, got dressed, fixed my hair & makeup and spritzed with perfume. I could hardly wait to see his gorgeous smile, he sexy eyes! His flight arrived on time, and although we had seen pictures of each other, I was worried if we would recognize each other. He swears I didn't, but I recognized him immediately, as did he recognize me.
We were both a little nervous and didn't hug & kiss as we had discussed we would upon his arrival. I had not taken into account that wearing my four inch heals, I would be taller than him. This was a little awkward, for me at least. We were both grinning from ear to ear, walking out to the parking garage to drive back to my apartment.
I could not stop looking over at him on the way home. I swear we were both smiling like fools. My gosh he was gorgeous! He asked at one point, "What?" and we both just laughed.
Back at my apartment at last, inside the door I slipped off my heals, he put his bags down and followed me to the dining room. Still both smiling like fools, feeling excited that we were finally in the same room together! Standing about three feet apart, looking at each other -- he came near me, (now taller than me) took my hands in his, pulled me closer and kissed me. A soft, gentle kiss, lips only slightly parted. It happened so suddenly for me, that I wasn't expecting a kiss, but a hug. He stepped back, grinning wildly and proclaimed, "I kissed you!" To which I said, "Yes you did!"
Perhaps it sounds silly for such a kiss to be so memorable, I fear I've not been able to put into words just exactly why, but indeed, it is my most memorable kiss to date.
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